Ultimate HR Toolkit

There is a profound difference between information and meaning.

                                                                                                Warren Bennis

Our Ultimate HR Toolkit online offering was co-created by EQIQ Leadership and Core Success, toward developing maximum Human Resources Team effectiveness.  Foundational to this body of work is the Genius of NonJudgment™, which focuses on the anatomy of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion.

When systematically applied, the benefits of the Ultimate HR Toolkit for HR leaders and internal training teams includes:

  • Building High-Level TRUST at four unique levels
  • Building Skills and Relationship Networks for "Influencing Up and Out"
  • Facilitating Change Leadership at all Levels (Individuals, Teams & Organization)
  • Building strong Systemic Accountability

The general format includes:

  • Four 2.5 hour online sessions held every other month
  • 5 hour coaching/consulting with HR Team on alternating months
  • Optional one-on-one coaching for individual, team or organization-specific needs

The topic modules for each session are:

  • Connected Communication
  • Exceptional Facilitation
  • Influencing & Change Dynamics
  • Systemic Accountability

The Ultimate HR Toolkit is ideal for helping HR leaders develop the capacity to incorporate emotional intelligence, acts of courage, empowered creativity, problem-solving and change mastery across their organization.

In addition, EQIQ consultants are available for follow-up coaching, training and facilitation, to assist as the new HR Ultimate Toolkit skills are being incorporated, or when a neutral, external consultant would be of most use.

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Ultimate HR Toolkit

This training supports HR leaders and internal training teams to further develop their capacity to incorporate emotional intelligence, creativity, courage, passion, and change mastery across their organization.

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