Whole-Hearted Leadership Development

"Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other."

John F. Kennedy

In todayʼs fast paced world, leaders must get more done with less resources. To do this, they have to develop value-added relationships so that team members can work together smarter and faster. Executives are required to have deep insight into how to motivate, engage and create alignment. Emotional Intelligence skills are essential to lead others toward bottom-line business outcomes and a healthy, thriving work environment.

Our 2-day Whole-Hearted Leadership Development (WHLD) online training is based on the highly successful 3-day Helping Individuals Lead Successfully (HILS) program which we offered for three decades.  This new format, launched in 2020, has proven very effective with increased 1-on-1 time between facilitator and each participant.

Value Creation / Purpose & Intent of Training:

  • Developing Insights into and Deeper Understanding of High-Level Leadership Effectiveness
  • Learning and Practicing Key Methodologies, Processes, & Skills Underpinning Leadership Impact
  • Identifying Personal Core Leadership Strengths and Key Opportunities for Development
  • Developing a Personalized Leadership Growth Plan Building on Insights, Processes and Skills

Process Methodology / Behavioral Pathway:

  • Prior to the training each participant will take an on-line profile, the Strength Deployment Inventory (SDI) which provides insights into Motivational Value Systems (MVS) as well as Conflict Styles and Strategies. Each participant will also have the benefit of a 360 feedback data gathering instrument, the Leadership Impact Questionnaire (LIQ)
  • Prior to the training, the facilitator will review the SDI profile as well as the LIQ input and write a one-page “Leadership Impact Summary” for each participant
  • One-on-one phone or other virtual meeting will take place between facilitator and each participant to explain the process, answer any questions and make sure s/he is primed to get the most value from the on-line training process
  • Two day live on-line training will include generous time toward working with the tools, either through case examples modeled by the facilitator, or in small group breakout rooms
  • The two days are broken into 5 segments each day, two in the morning and three in the afternoon, with breaks in-between and an hour lunch break
  • There will be a one-on-one online coaching follow-up with each participant, the day after the two-day training
  • Two weeks after the two-day session and the one-on-one coaching work, there will be a 3-hour group session for sharing successes and challenges, and for additional Q and A’s around the material covered during the training. This will allow additional insights and coaching support to be layered in.

Results / Accountability:

  • Each participant reviews the Personalized Leadership Development Plan with their Supervisor
  • Follow-up discussion with HR and Supervisor to help best support the on-going development

Whole-Hearted Leadership Development

Emotional Intelligence, in combination with practical business skills, is essential to lead others toward bottom-line outcomes and a healthy, thriving work environment. This time-tested program is valuable for both emerging and seasoned leaders. 

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