Leadership for Individuals

Executive Coaching

1-on-1 coaching, toward developing maximum leadership potential, can make a powerful difference not only in the personal career trajectory of the client, but also on behalf of the organization and the team members she or he works with.

We provide a neutral, supportive perspective and help guide accountability, so that strengths can be leveraged, while blind spots and learning edges can be brought to awareness and effectively navigated.


Whole-hearted Leadership Development

Our 2-day Whole-Hearted Leadership Development (WHLD) online training is based on the highly successful 3-day Helping Individuals Lead Successfully (HILS) program which we offered for three decades.  This new format, launched in 2020, has proven very effective with increased 1-on-1 time between facilitator and each participant.


Advanced Leadership Program

Leadership is a skill that even “born leaders” must practice and hone.  A key requirement for leadership mastery is self-awareness.  In our foundational leadership trainings, participants will have learned how personality, communication and conflict resolution styles impact a leader’s capacity to invite maximum engagement, excellence and growth.

The Advanced Leadership Program (ALP) dives deeper into the science and nature of unconscious, self-limiting beliefs.  The participant is provided with tools for discovering and transforming ineffective habitual patterns of perceiving, problem solving, behaving and relating.


Strategic Life Plan

The Strategic Life Plan (SLP) is a two-day, one-on-one intensive immersion process to help individuals move forward in life with a greater sense of purpose, clarity and inspiration.  It is usually offered in-person in a retreat setting, but can be modified to online delivery if a safe, private space for the participant can be ensured.

While this program is often made as a personal investment, individuals who do so will invariably find a positive effect on their career path and how they show up at work, even as the experience of all life domains can flourish.

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Women in Leadership

This intensive two-day training will help build further self-awareness and capacity in both the emerging and seasoned female leader.  Leadership strengths, as well as obstacles and areas for growth, will be explored.

Proven tools toward effective, whole-hearted leadership, will be presented and practiced.  Participants can expect to leave inspired, with clarity and conviction for next steps.