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In 2007, after reading over a hundred books on leadership, EQIQ's Founder Robert "Dusty" Staub pulled all the best wisdom together to craft the only book on heart-centered leadership you will ever need: "The Heart of Leadership: Twelve Practices of Courageous Leaders."  This classic helps dedicated leaders transform their companies by focusing on the critical link between human relationships and bottom-line results.  It is a key text for our introductory level leadership trainings, and can also serve as a self-directed study guide for motivated teams to explore together.

Dusty's book "The 7 Acts of Courage: Bold Leadership for a Wholehearted Life," is a shorter but no less powerful read. Suitable for any individual interested in personal growth, it speaks to distinct acts of courage, including those that can have high-level leaders stumbling: The Courage to Confront, The Courage to be Confronted, and the Courage to be Vulnerable.

Next, the even shorter inspirational book, "Courage in the Valley of Death" takes on a critical 8th Act of Courage, The Courage to Let Go.  Get your free e-book version today, and then consider buying physical copies to hand out to co-workers, family members and friends.

Finally, Dusty co-authored "Dynamic Focus: Creating Significance & Breaking the Spells of Limitation" with his long-time friend and colleague, Wayne S. Gerber. Released in 2013, the content of this book is the basis for our Advanced Leadership Program.

The Heart of Leadership
by Robert E. Staub, II

In Robert Staub’s The Heart of Leadership: 12 Practices of Courageous Leaders, he lays out an articulate inquiry into, and explanation of, critically essential aspects of effective business leadership including competency, intimacy, integrity and passion. Articulate, educative, ardent and inspiring, Staub offers a thoroughly “reader friendly” and practical presentation that is very highly recommended for anyone charged with an entrepreneurial or business management responsibility, from the smallest company to the largest international corporation.

7 Acts of Courage
By Robert E. Staub, II

The 7 Acts of Courage breaks new ground in the self-help field, offering clear, practical guidance on how we can seize control of our lives through courage. In this updated edition, which includes compelling new stories, the author reveals how to successfully move from the Courage to Dream through to the Courage to Act.

Courage in the Valley of Death
by Robert E. "Dusty" Staub II

Courage in the Valley of Death is based on a powerful life experience that led to a personal transformation in understanding and approach to living. It is both an inspiration and a practical guide to learning to live with greater courage, grace and joy. Staub offers a clear pathway forward in a short, highly accessible and engaging book. One reviewer says, "This is not a book to read once. It’s a bedside book you need to open many times. It is the ultimate reminder. If you find the heart to practice the small acts of courage, this book has the potential to change your life."

Dynamic Focus
by Wayne S. Gerber & Robert E. (Dusty) Staub II

Dynamic Focus is about creating a meaningful legacy while effectively navigating the inherent multifaceted challenges of life. Mental habits can become subtle traps that distort perceptions, thoughts and relationships into limitations. Dynamic Focus provides a practical, powerful and integrated methodology with tools for breaking these traps or "spells of limitation" and living a more meaningful life.

Connected Parent, Empowered Child
by Leezá Carlone Steindorf

Connected Parent, Empowered Child is the operating manual for happy parenting and creating successful empowered kids that we all wish we could have had before we had kids. And it works whether they’re 5 or 25!” — JACK CANFIELD, Co-Author of Chicken Soup for the Parent’s Soul®

Kids don't come with instructions, and there's no degree for being a parent. But wouldn't it be great if there were? What if someone handed you proven tools to make parenting easier, more effective and more rewarding -- for you and your kids? Wouldn't you say a resounding "Yes! Bring it on!"? Well, here it is.

In this blueprint for parenting, you'll discover how to:

  • Turn sass into respect.
  • Dissolve conflict without getting angry.
  • Get connected and stay connected, even to your teen.
  • Create discipline that works for all.
  • Improve communication skills for the whole family.
  • Enjoy a peaceful home that brings out the best in each person.

Connected Parent, Empowered Child is a road map for parents that gives you practical tools and strategies to relieve family stress and to guide you with certainty through the challenges youth and parents face in today's crazy world.

The solutions are simpler than the problems. This book delivers five powerful keys to turn daily stress and parenting challenges into easy and pleasant encounters and closer connection with your kids. Living to Thrive, Raising Self-Esteem, Resolving Conflict, Discipline with Dignity, Abolishing Bullying are the keys that will help you learn how to empower your children to be the best they can be and provide practical steps how to create open, authentic and clear communication.

This book delivers CORE Success™ tools to improve communication, reduce anger, design a positive attitude, resolve conflict, build self-esteem and eliminate bullying from your child’s life.