Keynote Speaker: Leezá Steindorf


A sample of topics that Leezá can speak to and expand on:
The Secret to a Positive Corporate Climate
Cut out the cause of conflict. Use this simple tool to revolutionize your workplace.
Five Steps that End Conflict
A plan that is easy to implement, providing long-term solutions for navigating conflict in the workplace.
Crystal Clear Communication
5 keys to promote effective workplace communication. Learn how to communicate clearly and effectively, leaving ambiguity and uncertainty behind.
Fearlessly Unstoppable
Stop letting fear, uncertainty, and self-doubt stifle your professional abilities and accomplishments. Learn 3 keys to build confidence and never look back.

"That goodness you’ve been longing for… is you, just as you are."

Leezá Steindorf

Leezá Steindorf, as a communication and conflict resolution expert, facilitates both personal and professional development. Her work with teams and organizations builds positive relationships, streamlines processes and fuels creativity. Leezá lived and worked in Europe for 26 years and in her consulting business has served clients from over 30 different cultures.

Developer of the CORE (Clarity-Ownership-Resolution-Excellence) SuccessTM model, Leezá also draws from her experience as a professional development trainer for domestic and international school systems.

Currently based in Oregon, Leezá is the proud parent of two adult children. She enjoys stand-up paddleboarding, running, and exploring where quantum physics and spirituality overlap.

Find out more about Leezá's work here:

Leezá Steindorf's interview with Jack Canfield

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“Working with Leezá is like using a flashlight to walk surely in the dark. You get honesty, clarity and results. With great support, wisdom and experience-facing challenges or new opportunities-you can take it head-on with confidence and ease…”

–Dr. Ria van Rooijen
Director Emmet Centrum Netherlands


If you need conflict resolution, better communication skills, to be more open and congruent, to find your purpose and be aligned-whether it’s in your corporation, in your school or in your personal life-I would encourage you to talk to Leezá.

-Jack Canfield
America's #1 Success Coach, The Canfield Training Group