Keynote Speaker: Eduardo daSilva

Eduardo Cutout

Topics that Eduardo can speak to and expand on:

  • The Power of Inclusion: Why Hiring for Diversity is not Enough
  • Psychological Safety: The Key to Fully Engaged Teamwork
  • Peak Performance marries Work-Life Balance

"When we go through life without a purpose that is anchored to what we care most deeply about, we are like driftwood tossed here and thrown there.

Eduardo daSilva

Eduardo da Silva brings an innovative and entrepreneurial spirit to our team. Born and raised in Brazil, he has worked in the United States for several large, multi-national corporations since 1999. Eduardo has a passion for high-efficiency performance through business development, self-awareness, emotional intelligence, and personal mastery. His life experiences have helped him gain greater insight into the contemporary challenges faced by the ever evolving and demanding lifestyle of the corporate professional.

Eduardo’s people skills are blended with his powerful intuition and ability to shift perspectives. He heads the EQIQ coaching program and is responsible for our diversity and inclusion training initiatives.

He has co-developed EQIQ's Diversity, Equity and Inclusion curriculum, which has been well received in the many organizations it has been delivered to into and makes for a great topic to introduce to your teams and organization.

Eduardo is the proud father of two young adult sons. He is an avid yoga practitioner and outdoor enthusiast, and enjoys preparing vibrant meals for friends and family.

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