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Courage in the Valley of Death

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It’s all about your people!

By Dusty Staub | 01/29/2014

There is an old saying that there are three kinds of people in the world: those who make things happen, those who watch things happen, and those who wonder what happened! Obviously leaders fall into the first category. What is not so obvious and is often missed in understanding this saying is that the leaders are the ones who make things happen by drawing members from categories two (those who watch) and three(those who wonder what happened) into the first category (those who make things happen).

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The Five Tasks of Leadership

By Dusty Staub | 01/21/2014

What is the essence of powerful and effective leadership? What causes one person to succeed and another to fail? Scanning the past 2,000 years of recorded history reveals that leaders are ultimately known by the actions they take as well as the practices they demonstrate. These actions are measured by bottom-line results as well as by the relationships created. Leading is really about engaging others in a unified focus that is geared at producing outstanding results (such as achieving a vision).

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The Power of Leadership

By Dusty Staub | 01/08/2014

Leadership, practiced at its best, is the art and science of calling to the hearts and minds of others. It is engaging others in an enterprise of sound strategic focus, where they can experience a sense of ownership, of making a difference, of being valued and adding value.

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Fuzzy Logic

By Dusty Staub | 12/26/2013

We have grown up in a society which, for the past 100 years, has prized following directions, being obedient, and maintaining the status quo in our schooling and work environments. Management has been the “science” of running a business, and an MBA is both a status symbol and the ticket […]

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The Leadership Challenge in Legacy Businesses

By Dusty Staub | 12/16/2013

Successful companies, such as Microsoft, that were once innovation leaders in their fields often fall into the trap of being driven by their shareholders. Shareholders want minimal risk and steady returns on their investment. Innovative companies frequently need to risk failure in order to succeed. Today’s leadership challenge is to keep both shareholder’s concerns and innovation’s risk, and reward, in balance.

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The Courage to be Confronted (5 of 5)

By Dusty Staub | 10/30/2013

The courage to be confronted is more than just the flip side of the courage to confront. This act is critical to true integrity. Without this act of courage, it is easy to end up off course and out of balance.

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The Courage to Confront (4 of 5)

By Dusty Staub | 10/22/2013

Whenever we back away from confronting a difficult issue, it doesn’t disappear or get better on its own. It festers, grows, and undermines our power. When we avoid confronting painful situations or problems in relationships, we inflict damage on our souls and compromise our integrity.

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The Courage to See Current Reality (3 of 5)

By Dusty Staub | 10/14/2013

It takes great courage to see the current reality – and to see it clearly – without using the great defenses of the ego, such as pretense, excuse, denial, blame, or rationalization. Your current reality includes not only the things you are proud of, and all of your accomplishments, it also includes the things of which you are ashamed, or that you would rather forget, or that you just won’t see. It includes your defeats and losses. For most of us, it is easy to justify or deny our culpability in problematic relationships, troubled work environments, or disappointments in life. It is hard to see and own the places where our living experience is painful, constrained, or diminished. It is difficult to accept the criticisms of others. These painful experiences are the sum of our losses, disappointments, and self-doubts. They indicate where we have abandoned our power by giving in to fear or self-limiting beliefs.

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The Courage to Dream (2 of 5)

By Dusty Staub | 10/07/2013

The courage to dream and put forth your dream is essential if you are to claim the power to create your life and bring out the best in yourself and others. It allows you to orient yourself at any time and in any place, based on a consistent vision that forms the inner core of your amazing strength. This act allows you to pursue what you most desire, pulling you toward a more powerful sense of self and self-worth.

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The Courage it takes to Lead (1 of 5)

By Dusty Staub | 10/02/2013

It seems to me that the world is stuck. We have political parties with seemingly irreconcilable differences, polarizing opinions on guns, abortion, the environment, with no signs of compromise and no apparent hope of resolution. The rancor from all sides has devolved to a single position: “Just say no.” No matter what price there is to pay. I’ve spent my life thinking about leadership and courage and over the next several posts to these pages I will offer my thoughts on the Courage it takes to Lead.

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Why Try? What matters?

By Dusty Staub | 06/07/2013

Why try? Why make any effort when we are all destined to die? Why effort in a world that can be so senseless, when things like the Boston Marathon bombing and Oklahoma tornado disasters occur?

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Strategic Leadership – Highest & Best Use Part 2: Delegating/Developing

By Dusty Staub | 02/10/2013

What are you delegating down and out to those around you? This means being very clear as to where you can play at your best and offer the greatest value. To do that, once you have identified it, will require handing things off, delegating out and developing others.

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Strategic Leadership: Your Highest and Best Use

By Dusty Staub | 09/10/2012

“What is my highest and best use?” When you ask that question and really think about it, it forces you to step outside the current structure of what you are doing and consider a larger context, one with more meaningfulness and greater personal power.

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The Power of Choice

By Dusty Staub | 08/09/2012

In my clinical work as a psychotherapist and in my consulting work, I find many people are really living more “at effect” – reacting to what others do, feeling imposed upon, focusing on that things and forces that concern them but over which they have no control, feeling victimized or powerless or at the very least resentful or upset and blaming others. It turns out that few seem to realize that they have the tremendous power of being the CHOOSER, of being At Choice in their lives.

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Mental Flexibility Part 5: Resiliency of Being

By Dusty Staub | 08/02/2012

This is the last in the series on the four primary tools and methods for creating greater mental and overall flexibility to deal with discontinuities, challenges, opportunities and change. Resiliency is the capacity to spring back from set backs, stresses and discontinuities.

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Mental Flexibility Part 4: Confidence

By Dusty Staub | 07/27/2012

This sense of inner calm, of confidence, makes you more mentally flexible since you are not “on your guard” or having to “prove yourself” – you can be more relaxed and at ease in dealing with people and responding to the challenges before you.

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Mental Flexibility Part 3: Expanding Perspective

By Dusty Staub | 07/05/2012

As change accelerates, the ability to stay mentally and emotionally flexible in order to ride the waves of discontinuity becomes even more essential.

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Mental Flexibility Part 2: Core Orientation

By Dusty Staub | 06/12/2012

What is your center? What is your Purpose in being on this earth? To what are you in service? Can you easily articulate in one short sentence why you are here, your sense of personal meaning on this earth?

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