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Cell Phones and Workplace Productivity

By Dusty Staub | 07/31/2014

A recent CareerBuilder article listed cell phones as the number one productivity killer in the workplace. Is this the case, and are cell phones really the source of the issue? I would argue that cell phone use is a symptom of a bigger problem, and that the real challenge for […]

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Toxic Employees

By Dusty Staub | 07/22/2014

I tell this to both employers and employees alike: your attitude determines your altitude in life. If you want to succeed, you have got to check that attitude. All the talent in the world won’t save you if you aren’t treating people with respect and dignity. As an employer, if […]

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How social media could be hurting your organization

By Dusty Staub | 07/17/2014

Social media is so big today, it is even playing a role in job searching and recruiting new employees. This can be such a big positive, but if you are not running a company with satisfied and engaged employees, social media can be a big negative. Employees can discreetly look […]

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By Dusty Staub | 07/09/2014

Are you a part of the 15 % of the workforce that is still unemployed? You might want to consider a non-paid internship.   If you see that your career is winding down, your organization is on the decline, feel that you don’t have job security, or find that you […]

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Motivation Axioms

By Dusty Staub | 06/18/2014

When it comes to successfully liberating motivation in others there are some axioms that are useful to keep in mind. I have identified some basic ones that make a powerful difference. People feel motivated when they believe that what they do makes a difference. People are motivated to do their […]

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Kat Flare

Increasing Employee Engagement For Higher Productivity and Bottom Line Results

By Dusty Staub | 06/17/2014

Employee engagement is the key to productivity in the workplace. Without a high level of employee engagement an organization will never be very productive, effective or efficient. There was a survey just released this past week that showed that cell phone usage was seen by many employers as the number […]

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Re-contextualize to Motivate and Lead

By Dusty Staub | 06/11/2014

According to Leadership Guru John Kotter, there are four things leaders have to provide: Establishing direction Aligning people Motivating and inspiring Producing change through the utilization of the first three The ability to shift or create context and also to re-contextualize (“draw the larger circle”) is a potent enabler of […]

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Attitude is Everything!

By Dusty Staub | 06/04/2014

Attitude is defined in Webster’s as: “a mental position with regard to a fact or state, a feeling or emotion toward a fact or state” and “the position of something in relation to a frame of reference.” When you think about the challenges we face in life, it becomes readily […]

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Overcoming Barriers to Motivation

By Dusty Staub | 05/28/2014

The interesting challenge we face when we talk of motivation is not what we can add to the mix to get people motivated. It is really about subtracting things: removing obstacles and barriers to allow the free expression of motivational drivers, those that are already present but either blunted or […]

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Creating a “Mistake-Positive” Culture

By Dusty Staub | 05/21/2014

What do Southwest Airlines, Johnson and Johnson, 3M and Mary Kay Cosmetics have in common? They all have created “mistake-positive” cultures, where people are encouraged and supported in taking responsibility for claiming and correcting their mistakes. They reward people for making the “right” kinds of mistakes, and they focus on […]

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Roots of Company Integrity

By Dusty Staub | 05/14/2014

Ethics are the fruits of your company, while “integrity” is the root feeding ethical behavior and standards. Just as the health of a plant is determined by the quality of the unseen root system’s capacity, the root of integrity determines whether an organization or society can stand upright and grow […]

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Millennials in the Workplace: Engagement Practices are Key.

By Dusty Staub | 05/07/2014

Right out of college with freshly minted degrees, today’s graduates are entering the workforce in a job market with a lot of baby-boomer employers and a big generational gap. Just what does a new college grad look like? What are they looking for in a job? And can employers expect […]

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Focus on excellence is essential to an effective, meaningful life

By Dusty Staub | 04/03/2014

Through more than 37 years of working with individuals, teams and organizations, I have come to the conclusion that the life we live is the life that we have created through the focus, decisions and actions we have chosen.

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Does your workplace need a cultural transformation?

By Dusty Staub | 03/26/2014

A major health insurer with two-dozen processing centers around the country was planning to consolidate into six regional super-centers. The local office was not in consideration as a super-center because it was ranked dead last in quality, customer satisfaction, employee-engagement, backlog of claims, and efficiency.

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Focus on Purpose

By Dusty Staub | 03/13/2014

There once was a big buggy whip factory that had just made some major improvements in their process and means of manufacturing buggy whips. They made the best quality whips, priced just right. They were getting better and better at buggy whips; in fact, they set the industry standard. Unfortunately, the leadership of the business did not give much heed to Ford and his mass manufacturing of horseless carriages. They were the best at what they did, and they were out of business in very short order.

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Discover Your Personal Power

By Dusty Staub | 02/26/2014

There are numerous ways to generate and bring forth a vision. The most powerful way seems to be to have leaders (whether first-line supervisors, senior vice-presidents, or CEOs) sit down with their team, talk about the corporate vision, and ask what it means to the team and to the individuals […]

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The Great Task of Leadership

By Dusty Staub | 02/19/2014

One of the most common mistakes I’ve seen made by leaders in teams and organizations is that of not taking the time to formulate a vision. And even with those who do formulate a vision, do not do what it takes to bring that vision to life. A vision is concerned with doing the right thing. The communication and shared sense of ownership for that vision is part of doing it right.

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The Four Elephants

By Dusty Staub | 02/04/2014

Highly effective leaders are masters at observing and acting upon the obvious. They note the commonplace trends and the changes going on in their world and galvanize their teams and organizations to think and act upon them.

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