We hope you will agree: there is a wealth of useful information in the following blogs.  If you go to the oldest posts, you will see we have been, for a long time, covering topics around heart-centered leadership and the liberation of purpose, passion and power of teams and organizations. The specifics of world events and your industry's challenges may change, but the key leadership tools and practices remain the same.

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Courage in the Valley of Death

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Tools for the Road Ahead

By Dusty Staub | 01/12/2021

Are you prepared for the journey of a lifetime? It has been said that life is not so much about arriving at the destination, as it is about the experience of the journey, moment-by-moment, day-by-day. The metaphor of life as a journey has served me, as well as thousands of […]

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Multiplying Effective Intelligence: Expanding Perspective

By Dusty Staub | 08/13/2018

Effective Intelligence, as shared in the first article in this series, is a phrase I have coined to capture what you are getting from the team of people around you in terms of ideas, innovation, problem solving and effective use of resources.  Yet, my experience in creating high performance teams […]

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Leadership Leverage: Engaging Followership

By Dusty Staub | 08/06/2018

The ability to leverage the talents and abilities of those around you is the hallmark of powerful leadership.  Being a leader is not about you.  It is ALL about how you engage, empower, focus and ultimately liberate the talents and abilities of others.  After all, you can be an effective […]

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Multiplying the Effective Intelligence of Your Organization

By Dusty Staub | 07/05/2018

Are you getting the best results from the people – the embedded collective intelligence – in your organization? Or do you feel that there is something missing in overall performance? Most senior leaders with whom I work tell me, “We could achieve more and be better if only we could […]

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Principled Flexibility

By Dusty Staub | 06/19/2018

by Haley Owen and Robert “Dusty” Staub Good leaders display a healthy blend of principle and flexibility Today’s leaders are asked to be adaptable but also structured, strong but vulnerable, steadfast but resilient, and exacting but compassionate. It may seem contradictory or overwhelming to aim for all these traits, but successfully […]

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Let’s Get Real

By Dusty Staub | 06/04/2018

Building High Performance Teams & Organizations is Hard Work Let’s get real, people. Building high performance teams and organizations that are sustainable is quite difficult to do. They do NOT occur by accident but as the result of conscious, consistent, disciplined, strategic follow-up and follow-through. Creating this requires high levels of […]

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Effective Leading Requires Exposing Your Intentions

By Dusty Staub | 08/09/2016

Are you establishing the context, the goal or vision for what you wish to achieve with those you are leading or working with?  One of the most significant mistakes that I see managers, supervisors and would-be leaders make when they are trying to influence or engage others is a failure […]

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Staub HILS Training: A Millennial’s Experience

By Dusty Staub | 04/30/2016

“What do you want to do after you graduate?” is a question most college students dread answering. As a 21-year-old junior at High Point University (High Point, NC) one of my greatest accomplishments of this spring semester has been discovering a more concrete answer to this question. After completing Staub […]

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Beware the dangers of the ‘ego trap’

By Dusty Staub | 01/02/2015

The ego trap is a danger for anyone in a leadership position. After all, it is seductive to be catered to, whether it is out of merit or because of the power and rank held by a manager, supervisor or upper level executive.  This is dangerous ground because the nature […]

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Hiring Quality Employee Ambassadors

By Dusty Staub | 12/22/2014

Your employees are your ambassadors to the business world. They are the face of your company as they are the ones with whom your clients and customers interact. What your employees do and say reflects not only who they are and what they represent, but what your company stands for. […]

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Accountability: It’s Essential In All Departments

By Dusty Staub | 12/12/2014

One of my favorite cartoons is of a large ship sinking at a 45 degree angle. At the water line you see a group of people busily bailing water out of the ship; at the top end, jutting up into the air are two people drinking martinis and one says […]

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6 Ways to Deepen Your Roots of Integrity at Work:

By Dusty Staub | 12/04/2014

Our society is suffering from a persistent malaise whose motto is, “The end justifies the means.” It seems that as long as you have good intentions then it doesn’t matter what you have to do to manifest them. Ethical behavior becomes a transactional proposition that can be bypassed when parameters […]

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Leaders know they are being shaped even as they shape others

By Dusty Staub | 11/11/2014

Leaders are people who help shape the reality around them. That much is obvious. It can also be argued that leaders themselves are shaped by the very words and actions they use to influence their team, organization or culture.  What is less recognized is that a leader’s unspoken and often […]

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Bad Bosses

By Dusty Staub | 10/03/2014

Good bosses, those that listen, care, are confident and competent and are willing to empower people to reach their full potential, get the best results. But according to this recent Forbes article, a bad boss may actually make employees strive. Could this thought have merit? Absolutely. Sometimes, a bad role […]

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Is job creation faster in states that raised the minimum wage?

By Dusty Staub | 09/25/2014

A recent Center for Economic and Policy Research study indicates that job creation is faster in states that raised the minimum wage. The study is still preliminary but the short-term data shows that the 13 states that have raised the minimum wage have more robust economic growth and better employment […]

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Does Job Jumping Pay Off?

By Dusty Staub | 09/16/2014

We see the following all the time in professional sports. When a player goes free agent and moves to  another team, they usually don’t make less money, they make more. The fact is, this tends to be true in the business world as well. Research indicates that people who are […]

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What can managers do to improve their employees’ experience?

By Dusty Staub | 08/26/2014

Want to prevent employee turnover and create a company culture that attracts high level talent? All of the research on employee engagement shows that the direct supervisor has the biggest impact on whether an employee feels satisfied, engaged and valued. Below are some tips for employers and managers to keep […]

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Interviewing for Character

By Dusty Staub | 08/14/2014

When interviewing a potential employee, we are looking not only at the competency the person brings to the table, but also at the character they will bring to the organization. How do you search out the character of a potential employee in an interview? Asking the right questions is a […]

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