“When we began our partnership, the task of merging several diverse cultures seemed like an impossible mission. At the outset, you were forthright about the notion that programs do not change companies, but well designed transformational processes do. You also crafted Leadership Advantis as a leadership development process, stating this is the very way to build a learning organization. After moving 380 managers through Leadership Advantis, it is clear this leadership process has had measurable, positive impact toward forming a common culture in the company.”

VP & Director, Quality & Information Management Advantis


“You delivered far more than what you promised. My experience has been that others deliver less than what they promise. You have exceeded all expectations and I want to personally thank you.”

CEO Taylor Companies


“Staub Leadership International helped give my (executive) team a competitive leg up through a more effective use of our human resources. I trust their expertise and highly recommend them to you.”

Chairman, CEO J.E. Robert Companies

Financial Institution

“I am still in awe of the experience! Your careful planning for and handling of the strategic planning session for major stakeholders in the International Home Furnishings Market was truly professional. Your skills enabled a group of 15 very powerful, influential, often competitive executives, to reach consensus on a future vision for the International Home Furnishings Market in a very brief period of time.”

CEO International Home Furnishings Marketing Association, Inc.


“Staub presents leadership in an effective format from which all levels of an organization can benefit.”

John Patneau, Executive Vice President Quebecor World

Print Services


“As a direct result of our work with Staub Leadership International, the quality and effectiveness of our team improved remarkably and in a very short time-frame. We established new team norms, resolved a number of interpersonal issues, expanded communications throughout the region and team meetings became highly productive. Staub Leadership International eventually extended to other workgroups within the organization and intensive consulting with selected individuals. Staub Leadership International has earned my own FIVE STAR rating as one of the very best consulting experiences in my 23 years in health care.”

Vice President Allied Holdings


“Our team-building sessions have helped us understand our purpose, vision and needs, to act courageously and be more effective leaders.”

CEO UnitedHealthcare, North Carolina



“The best training experience I have ever had. The facilitator was extraordinary and the information is simple but highly insightful and made previously known elements much more actionable. Absolutely great!”

Michael Bloomfield, Executive Vice President Quebecor World

Print Services

“This is a very people-oriented group and seminar. The experience has opened my eyes to other, better leadership methods which will take me far in personal and professional relationships.”

Sales Manager – North America Environment One


“The course content is very enlightening and empowering for both your professional and personal life.”

Sheila Howell, Human Resource Manager The Bama Companies, Inc.

Baked Goods

“The course material was the most relevant of any leadership class that I have attended. Dusty Staub is an excellent teacher, mentor, and facilitator.”

Corporate Account Manager Kay Chemical, An Ecolab Company


“The people facilitating this program clearly care about the individuals that are participating in the workshops. They have a passion for their work and want participants to be successful, leaving the program with some of that shared passion.”

Assistant Dean Mercer University


“Staub Leadership International provided me with practical skills, insights and solutions for my job and personal relationships that encourage me to pursue living and working on a higher standard I didn’t know was possible.”

Brian Kursonis, Operations Director


“It was one of the best training sessions I have ever attended. I typically get bored very easily when I attend training programs, but today’s workshop held my attention every moment. I also think that everyone really walked away with some excellent/tangible tools that they can realistically apply back on the job.”

Manager, Learning & Development Liberty Hardware Manufacturing Corp.

Building Products

“It is a MUST leadership seminar for anyone who supervises people.”

Sally Erickson, Vice President – Finance Sealy, Inc.


“This was the most efficient path to self evaluation I have ever experienced.”

Laurie McNichol, Director Practice & Quality

Advanced HomeCare Healthcare

“This is the most useful class I have taken part in in years. The impact on both my family and team will be immediate.”

Bob Zaborski, Executive Dir. of Manufacturing Donatos Pizza

Food Service

“While many consulting firms offer executive development workshops, yours is the only one that I know of that is a deeply human experience; one that is continuously concerned with developing its participants in ways that are both personally and professionally relevant. I have found the effects of the seminar last in the form of new perspectives and resultant changes in behavior.”

Brand Manager, Diet Coke Coca-Cola, USA

Consumer Goods

“Everyone should know about Staub Leadership’s HILS Program. It is the most effective, insightful leadership program I have ever attended.”

Stephanie Owen, Regional Manager Steven D. Bell & Co.

Financial Institution


“Thank you for a wonderful Gaining Financial Perspectives book discussion session [on The 7 Acts of Courage]. This was the first time that a Gaining Perspectives session was rated 4.0 overall (excellent!) out of a possible 4.0.”

Project Manager Organizational Development American Express

Financial Institution


“My experience was life changing. I have been able to recognize and break the spells that were confining me for years, both professionally and personally. I am living my life wide awake and with a clear purpose thanks to Dusty and Wayne. After going through the Advanced Leadership training our team members now have empowering tools to bust through spells and tackle challenges with their own clear and guiding focus. They feel like superheroes.”

Susan Passmore CAM,CAPS Executive Vice President

Blue Ridge Companies