Company Profile


At EQIQ Leadership, our consultants and strategic partners excel at customizing all our services to the unique needs of our client organizations.

Our programs can be tailored for small and growing entrepreneurships as well as for established Fortune-50 companies. We have experience across all sectors of business, including retail and manufacturing, government, health and insurance industries, public service providers, and food industries. Our goal is to improve personal mastery of leadership skills, maximize effective workplace communication and support creative and productive work environments.

By learning to combine emotional intelligence with business acumen, our clients enjoy improved interpersonal relationships with supervisors, peers and customers, as well as in their personal life.  Leveraged company-wide, an investment in heart-centered leadership skills supports the organization's bottom line returns and is the best insurance in times of economic upheaval and rapid change.

We invite you to speak about your needs with our founder and chief consultant, Dusty Staub. We are confident that you will be well satisfied in our ability to provide for the leadership training your organization seeks.

Emotional Intelligence

Our tools are time-tested; however, there is nothing cookie-cutter about the delivery of our material.  Time and again, organizations are surprised how quickly we can help them achieve the results they are seeking.  The secret sauce: using Emotional Intelligence.

Courage in the Valley of Death

Check out the leadership books and articles authored by Robert "Dusty" Staub and other team members.

Tomorrow's Leaders

Today's young professionals have grown up in a world entirely different from that experienced by past generations.  Global connectivity through the internet can quickly highlight past failures and current challenges, yet also introduces bright, fresh ideas. We are interested in working with young leaders who understand that creativity, passion and dedication are best applied from a solid foundation, one that rests on an understanding that we live in a world in which people and their environment are fundamentally interconnected, and that right relationship is the key to true success.