Case Studies

Each of our client organizations has a unique culture as well as a specific set of issues they want to address.  We customize all our work accordingly.  Whether you represent a Fortune-50 or small, local family business; for-profit or NGO or any type of organization in-between, let us help you unleash the power of hearts and minds aligned in a common purpose.  Here are just a few of dozens of stories we could share.

KAY CHEMICAL COMPANY (Division of Ecolab)
Company Merger and Leadership Transfer

The organizational challenge for this client was to create a high performance, more innovative and learning-biased culture, while integrating Kay Chemical into the larger entity of their new parent company, Ecolab. The organization was also transferring the reins of authority from the son of the founder to a new managing director. Two years into the process, the company also decided to go with J. D. Edwards for a company-wide rollout. The change process work we facilitated, which included training, coaching and mentoring, was so effective that Dusty Staub was asked to help the enterprise-wide application team launch and then assist them as they worked through challenges and conflicts during the first twelve months of the process.

Growing Pains and Decreased Employee Engagement

As a privately held food service business, founded in 1937, the founders and the CEO of Bama Companies, Inc. enjoyed a close relationship with the workforce. This resulted in a climate of favorable morale and high employee retention. Over time, however, while developing overseas opportunities, the CEO was regularly away from the main facilities, during which time she depended on trusted individuals to maintain employee engagement, productivity and product quality. A human relations crisis situation developed, threatening a contract with a key client. The EQIQ (dba Staub Leadership International) team was brought in to assess the situation and to recommend important remedial action steps. They also provided training and coaching to prevent future human systems failures. This resulted in greater trust, transparency and engagement at BAMA, with a fresh capacity for handling challenges.

“We are a healthy business today because we took the steps with (EQIQ dba) Staub Leadership to turn our business around.”
Paula Marshall, CEO & CPO, Bama Companies.