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Welcome to EQIQ Leadership

Take a look around and check out the EQIQ difference! We help our clients weave emotional intelligence (EQ) in with necessary technical skills (IQ), toward a highly engaged, successful and forward-thinking work culture.

Meet our Founder: Robert "Dusty" Staub

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Whole-Hearted Leadership Services

Allow us to customize our offerings to suit your organizations's specific needs:

Executive Coaching

EQIQ excels at liberating the purpose, passion and power of senior leaders, helping them build high performance collaboration in their teams and across their organizations. We provide a neutral, supportive perspective and guide accountability, so that strengths can be leveraged, while blind spots and learning edges can be brought to awareness and effectively navigated.

Leadership Development

EQIQ has been helping develop and promote leaders for over three decades. Our comprehensive, in-depth understanding of psychology, leadership, management, teamwork and strategic thinking blends emotional intelligence with practical business acumen into a powerful competitive advantage. Many of our offerings are now available online, proving just as powerful as our earlier in-person programs.

Organizational Assessment

For over three decades EQIQ has been providing this service for Entrepreneurs, CEOs, Owners and Executive Teams. Our comprehensive, in-depth understanding of psychology, leadership, management, teamwork and strategic thinking blends emotional intelligence with practical business acumen into a powerful competitive advantage.

Equity and the Power of Inclusion

At EQIQ, we are clear that it does not suffice to hire for diversity if the organizational culture and structure does not create an authentic environment of welcome and inclusion. Only then can one expect the maximum engagement of all team members.  In turn, this helps promote creativity, enthusiasm, dedication, and successful navigation through conflict and unexpected storms.

High Performance Teams

High Performance Teams are not created accidentally; they are the result of conscious, consistent, disciplined follow-up and follow-through.  Practiced leaders know how to invite maximum engagement and shift team member mindsets from “what can I get” to “what can I give.”

Women in Leadership

In our programs dedicated to women leaders, we introduce the same core tools and insights covered in all our foundational leadership development courses. However, our offerings provides a special opportunity for both emerging and seasoned women leaders to discuss the unique challenges, as well as the special gifts, that they have to offer the world during this time of great change and particular need.

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Daily Acts of Courage
TedX Talk by Robert "Dusty" Staub

A digital version of Staub's timeless book for leaders, this easy read offers tools and insights on how to courageously face change and new beginnings.

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No one can do it for you, and you can’t do it alone.

 Robert "Dusty" Staub


Let us partner with you to help achieve your dreams.

Susan Passmore CAM,CAPS Executive Vice President, Blue Ridge Companies

“My experience was life changing. I have been able to recognize and break the spells that were confining me for years, both professionally and personally. I am living my life wide awake and with a clear purpose thanks to Dusty. After going through the Advanced Leadership training our team members now have empowering tools to bust through spells and tackle challenges with their own clear and guiding focus. They feel like superheroes.”

Vice President Allied Holdings Healthcare

“As a direct result of our work with EQIQ, the quality and effectiveness of our team improved remarkably and in a very short time-frame. We established new team norms, resolved a number of interpersonal issues, expanded communications throughout the region and team meetings became highly productive. EQIQ eventually extended to other workgroups within the organization and intensive consulting with selected individuals. SEQIQ has earned my own FIVE STAR rating as one of the very best consulting experiences in my 23 years in health care.”

Joe Roberts CEO - J.E. Robert Companies

“EQIQ helped give my executive team a competitive leg up through a more effective use of our human resources. I trust their expertise and highly recommend them to you.”

CEO United Healthcare

“Our EQIQ team-building sessions have helped us understand our purpose, vision and needs, to act courageously and be more effective leaders.”

Mark Stull President Liberty Hardware

"Dusty, as I look back at all the coaches I’ve had, in football and life in general, I hold you out as one who helped me the most. You were one of the few that I felt, “got me”, but most importantly, leveraged that understanding to help me be better.  I will always remember that and always be thankful I met you for that benefit, but also as someone I will always consider a friend, not just an outstanding coach.   Thank you!!!"

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